Employment Law

* Exclusively representing employees/plaintiffs

* Government and public employee rights

* Employment discrimination based on race, national origin, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, and religion

* Retaliation

* Sexual harassment

* Whistleblower claims

* Wrongful termination


* Employment contracts

* Non-compete agreements

Civil Rights Law

* Violations of civil and constitutional rights: freedom of speech/press/religion.

Education Law

* Pre-K-12 education

* Higher education

* Contractual and constitutional rights of students and teachers, faculty, and staff

* Allegations of student misconduct

* Student discipline, suspension, and dismissal

* Title IX

* Academic freedom, First Amendment, due process, equal protection

Veterinary & Pet/Companion Animal Law

* Idaho Veterinary Practice Act

* Rules of the State of Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine

* Veterinary license defense

* Pet/companion animal law

Business Law

* Business entity formation

* Operating agreements

* Partnership agreements

* Corporate bylaws


Dispute Resolution/ Mediation

* Dispute resolution

* Mediation


Legal Advice

Legal Document Preparation

Civil Litigation and Mediation